Welcome to our Site~

Welcome aboard to People N’ Pests– a window of Hearts Consulting LLC, a team of experts who know about pests like bed bugs; and the people who want to keep them out of the house.  Our talented executives know how to problem solve in a multitude of ways to tackle your variety of goals.

And first, we would like to introduce to you, Dr. Karen Joy Shaw, President of HCG.  Dr. Shaw has extensive experience in biotechnology, specifically the discovery and development of antimicrobial agents. She has built and lead infectious diseases drug discovery teams at Schering Plough Research Institute, Johnson & Johnson Pharmaceutical Research & Development, and Trius Therapeutics.  If you need someone to be a leader and obtain government contracts to support research goals with non-dilutive funding, then she is the person to look for.  The long track record of success speaks volumes of her leadership abilities and her positive reputation in the community and industry.

Next up is our very own do-it-all professional:  Mr. Gerry Weitz is Vice President of Hearts Consulting Group and successful business owner of Hearts Pest Management (HPM), the first EcoWise Certified “green” pest control company in Southern California. In 2013, he won the coveted California Environmental Protection Agency Integrated Pest Management Innovator Award.  Gerry seamlessly blends together his previous career in IT (information technology) and web development with pest control.  When you need to spread the word about the services and products that you offer, Gerry will know what solution is right for you– providing services in search engine optimization and “deep content” website development.

These perspectives, though differing, are what makes People N’ Pests so special.  We can understand that our colleagues in the pest control industry are hard-working, and that the last thing you should have to worry about are the other nuances of owning a business.  Pest removal and management specialists work physically demanding jobs and at times, the hours can be difficult as well.  That is how Gerry Weitz, with no prior pest control industry experience, was able to build a one-man company.  Through organic growth and human resource development, he then built himself into a Southern California regional challenger and green industry leader. For those of you seeking professional exterminator services outside of the area, check out our other offices over at and they will be happy to address any and all of your pest control needs again like roach control.

Why spend even more hours, in vain, trying to establish yourself and your business when it comes to online presence?  Our team is small, but we certainly pack a punch.  Karen Joy Shaw, P.H.D. and Gerry Weitz, M.S.W. will work together with you to strategize the best plan of breaking barriers and bringing in more clients online.  Today is now the digital age, and success is only a call away.